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So you wanna know about book publishing and getting your words into print? Tight finances are often a problem for new authors. Traditional Publishers take all the risk. Print-On-Demand Publishers give you several choices and each added increment costs you more money. Traditional Publishers make decisions to print your book based on how many they can move out the door. Print-On-Demand Publishers make most of their money from an author at the beginning of the relationship.

At Harmon Press, we want to help you get your words into print as painlessly as possible. So we have one small setup fee of $799.00.* That’s it. Of course, there are other upgrades that you might consider, but you surely don’t have to purchase them. This low fee will get your book into print and offer you the following publishing commitment as an author.

You can read more about each benefit listed below by clicking on the link or by clicking on the appropriate links at the top of the next column to the right.

[accordion title=”Interior Layout and Typeset**”]

We take those creative words that you have sweated over creating and professionally design the interior pages, of your book, i.e., formatting and typesetting. You provide us with a Word document of your book. Your book will have that professional look and feel, just like the books you have purchased from your local bookstore. When this process is complete, you will receive a galley so you can check for any last minute mistakes that you find. We include your graphics,* any illustrations you provide, and photographs (graphics / pictures are black and white / grayscale in .jpg; .gif; .bmp format). When you approve your galley, we will ship it off to the printer.

Because footnotes/endnotes is time intensive in typesetting, there is an additional $1.00 typesetting fee per footnote for all footnotes. If the author should choose end of chapter or end of book endnotes, there is an additional $1.00 fee per footnote. Harmon Press will supply authors a style sheet to follow for footnoting. Additionally, a full bibliography must accompany a manuscript that is footnoted. If Harmon Press creates the footnotes for the author’s manuscript there is an additional $2.00 fee per created footnote. If footnotes are not styled properly by the author, the created fee is charged. The creation of footnote fee is in addition to the typesetting fee(s).

*There is a $10.00 charge per graphic placed in the text while typesetting.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”ISBN Number” ]

An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is the identification number that is unique for your book. When you pick up a book and look at the back cover, you will see a bar code that shows the ISBN number for that book. Bookstores use them for all kinds of reasons, among them inventory control and checkout at purchase. HarmonPress will assign your book its very own ISBN number and communicate this valuable information to book distributors and booksellers.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Color Cover” ]

You heard the old saying “You can’t judge a book by its cover!” But, in reality, that is exactly what we do. Color covers are often the single most motivating factor in deciding whether to even pick up a book to give it a cursory look is how we respond to the cover. Our designer(s) are brilliant in making your book stand out on the bookstores’ bookshelf. Your work will be artistically designed to represent the interior writing. The typical color is full color and we provide you with the title, any subtitle you may have, your name as the author, and any additional marketing copy that you may wish to put on the back cover. Your ideas are welcome. We will do our best to incorporate them.

Your Words in Print

[accordion title=”Choice of Popular Trim Sizes” ]

What size do you want your book to be? Well, within reason, we can publish your book in a variety of trim sizes. We all have personal preferences. Some authors like the look and feel of a small book, while others, who may be publishing a handbook or a study guide, may choose to have a larger format. We will provide you the details when you choose to use HarmonPress as your publisher. Most books are printed in paperback, but you do have a choice of hardcover at an additional charge.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Lightning-Fast Printing” ]

It used to take weeks to get a book printed once it got to the printers. Now with lightning-fast printing, it is so quick that it boggles the mind. Think about a 400 page book being completely printed in less than sixty seconds. Our on-demand printing system will make your book available, sometimes within forty-eight hours after an order is received. Need just one book at a time? We can do that. Need a hundred or a thousand books at a time? We can do that, also. Your book is environmentally friendly. It is printed on acid-free paper with a laminated book cover stock. Just think of the day that you will hold your very own book in your hands. It’s a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Books-In-Print Listing” ]

We get your book into Books-In-Print, which is the standard data base for all bibliographic data. You guessed it, books in print. This database is used by bookstores and libraries to find books that they may want to have available for their customers or patrons. All of the bookselling industry uses this information to gain real-time, up-to-date information about stock availability. Your book will become a part of the largest database for books in print in the world.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”25,000 Plus Bookstores” ]

We have a working relationship with Ingram Book Distributors, which is the largest book distributor in the world today. Their network of distribution has 25,000 bookstore retailers within it, and it’s growing. Bookstores use the data from Ingram to order books their customers are asking for. Of course, this does not mean that this will guarantee a demand for your book, but it will make it easy for your local bookstores to find and order your book really quickly.

Traditionally, books stores do not carry books from small publishers in their everyday shelf space. If you choose to use this service, there is a one time set up fee ($49.00) plus we are obliged to offer Ingram a large discount to accommodate the inclusion of bookstores. We also mark the book as returnable. If a book is returned, it is charged back to the author. Choosing this option will reduce your royalties on sales of books through this distribution method.

There is a one time set up fee ($49.00). Read more on 25,000 Plus Bookstores[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Amazon.com Marketing” ]

Need wide exposure? Amazon.com is the place to be. Everyone who has access to a computer has access to Amazon.com and the thousands of books that they offer. Think about it, your book will be able to be found in the inventory of Amazon.com for anyone worldwide to purchase. Your customers can post book reviews about what they like about your book, which encourages others to read and write their own book reviews. Folks you will most likely never meet can purchase your book and make comments about your book, all from the comfort of their computer. Over the past years, Amazon.com has become the premier book shop online and we will get them to put your book out there for others to find.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Promote with Google” ]

New words are created all the time. Google is one of them, and you may often hear folks say, “have you googled it?” The Internet is here to stay and marketing your books via this medium can be a great boon to get your book visible to a world of readers. We want to make this happen for you, so we work with Google to get your book listed at Google Books. When a customer finds your book, they can see an abbreviated online version along with links to the HarmonPress bookstore, Amazon.com, and other Internet booksellers.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”eBook Conversion (Kindle and Nook)” ]

Reading a KindleThe eBook market is growing by leaps and bounds. With the arrival of eBook readers and apps like Kindle and Nook, folks can now find and read your book almost anywhere. Harmon Press will convert your paper book to an eBook for no additional charge and send it to the supply channels for Kindle and Nook. This is an exceptional value that Harmon Press provides. Of course, you receive a royalty of each eBook sold.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”International Distribution” ]

Your book can be available through international distribution in the United Kingdom and to bookstores throughout Europe. When an order is placed from the United Kingdom, your book is printed and shipped from the United Kingdom to your customer, saving a huge amount of shipping cost to your customer. What could be easier.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Nonexclusive Contract” ]

HarmonPress does not ask you as an author to give up the rights to your book that you have worked so hard to write. We offer a nonexclusive contract. You retain all rights, yep, 100% of them. If you want to take your book to another publisher, you can do so at any time with no questions asked. All you need to do is let us know in writing that you are moving. You may need to use this feature if a large publishing house wants to pick up your book and contract you as an author.[/accordion]

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Here are seven very important questions that are often asked about Harmon Press:

[accordion title=”1. Who Are We?” ]

Harmon Press is a cutting-edge, hybrid publisher. We utilize the best of traditional publishing, digital imaging, and printing technology, harmonizing them so the customer can experience a traditional publishing atmosphere while receiving the benefit of the digital print environment.

Harmon Press helps authors who would like to get their material in print easily, but may not be visible enough to find a traditional publishing house to put their great material in print, and to reprint books that authors have published but their present publisher does not intend to keep in print. We can help them stay in print forever.


[accordion title=”2. Why Are You Doing This?” ]

We believe at Harmon Press that everyone should have a fair opportunity to have their work published into a book. However, we recognize that traditional publishers make decisions on who they will publish by how many books they can sell. Some Print-On-Demand Publishers charge you a huge fee up front to get you off and running. Harmon Press, however, only charges you a small fee to get your book into print while giving you all the services that other Print-On-Demand publishers offer you (some of them at an extra fee above their setup fee). We take the best of the technology of Print-On-Demand and offer it to our customers. In the final analysis, publishing with Harmon Press is a win-win situation for the author.


[accordion title=”3. Are There Any Strings Attached?” ]

Good question. There is one. You are obligated to purchase an initial 50 paperback books at 50% off the Suggested Retail Price. This is beyond the initial setup fee of $799.00. That’s a one time requirement. You don’t ever have to purchase another book from us, although we hope you will buy hundreds or even thousands.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”4. Will Harmon Press Market My Book?” ]

Not in the traditional sense of ongoing marketing. We will point you toward resources that will help you market your book. After all you are the best sales person for your own book. We do, however, place your book on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, in Books in Print, and on Google Books. All at no cost to you…That’s right…Free!


[accordion title=”5. What About Proofreading?” ]

We will print your book the way you send it to us under one of our imprints and will supply you with a short list of common errors of which an author should be aware. However, you may purchase our Editorial Services at a per word cost. Harmon Press offers Authors a fresh set of professional eyes. Proofreading, using the industry-standard rules, includes punctuation usage, grammar, and spelling. We will show you how much it costs in advance.


[accordion title=”6. What About Quoting Music Lyrics?” ]

Music lyrics may not be used in a book without “written permission” from the copyright holder of the musical piece. Written permission must be forwarded to Harmon Press on the copyright holder’s letterhead.


[accordion title=”7. Is There Anything Else?” ]

Yes, we will give you some suggestions of how to set up your Word document for our publishing process, so it will meet our basic publishing requirements.


Here are some additional services that you can add on, if you prefer, at your expense:

[accordion title=”Hardcover Edition” ]

Hardback additions can be published of your work. We can make you an individual quote for your particular book. Sometimes authors have their book created in a hardback edition to give to family and friends. The retail price of your book will be higher for a hardback book.


[accordion title=”Graphics” ]

Harmon Press charges $10 for each graphic that is placed in a text by an author. All graphics must be provided to Harmon Press in a high quality .JPG file format.


[accordion title=”Rush Service” ]

On some projects we can produce your book quicker, if you request that service, there is a onetime charge to do so.


Here is what we publish and what we don’t publish! We don’t promise to publish every manuscript that we receive!

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*There is an annual POD file hosting fee of $19.95 that is in addition to the $799.00 set up fee.

**Because footnotes/endnotes is time intensive in typesetting, there is an additional $1.00 typesetting fee per footnote for all footnotes. If the author should choose end of chapter or end of book endnotes, there is an additional $1.00 fee per footnote. Harmon Press will supply authors a style sheet to follow for footnoting. Additionally, a full bibliography must accompany a manuscript that is footnoted. If Harmon Press creates the footnotes for the author’s manuscript there is an additional $2.00 fee per created footnote. If footnotes are not styled properly by the author, the created fee is charged. The creation of footnote fee is in addition to the typesetting fee(s).