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What Is Church?What Is Church? A Story of Transition
by Mike Bishop and Foreword by Todd Hunter
What is Church? Shouldn’t we know the answer to that question? Yet there are people all around the world who are wondering if church should be something more than what we have experienced. Read More…

Buy The Unbroken BondThe Unbroken Bond: The Warmth of Love in the Cold of the Alaskan Iditarod
by Barbara McGaw Gladen
Someone once said that life often comes full circle and such is the case with Starflower and Joshua in Barbara Gladen’s first novel. These two unusual characters meet in a most unlikely way and find friendship and then meet…; well, Read More…

Buy The Apostle Paul and Women in the Church?The Apostle Paul and Women in the Church
by Don Williams
Foreword by Bert Waggoner and Afterword by Rose Madrid-Swetman

Facing the issues squarely, Dr. Williams deals definitely with key questions for the church and Christians everywhere concerning true women’s liberation in Christ. Read More…

Buy Poetic Intercessions: Artful Prayers For a FriendPoetic Intercessions: Artful Prayers For a Friend
by Randall William White
Foreword by Luci Shaw and Illustrated by Tiffany Cable

Thomas A Kempis said, “We must develop our skill as carefully as an artist if we want to live intimately with Jesus.” When Randy White’s friend fell ill, he decided that he would pray for him weekly for a year, but not in some endless repetition of “God, please heal my friend.” He would labor over his prayers,… Read More…

Buy The Significance of the Synoptic Miracles: Taking the Worldview of Jesus SeriouslyThe Significance of the Synoptic Miracles
by James Kallas
This book was written as a protest against the demythologizing tendencies which characterize so much contemporary theology: it questions the assumption that the New Testament can be understood in terms other than its own. Read More…

Buy The Worship Journey: A Quest of Heart, Mind, and StrengthThe Worship Journey
by Andy Park
Worship is mystical. Worship is practical. Worship changes you, your dreams and your priorities. I met Jesus in my teens and I couldn’t resist tagging along with the most attractive person I’ve ever met. Read More…

Buy The Power of UglyThe Power of Ugly
by Jamie J. Stilson
Discovering the Power of Ugly will cost you your pride. You will learn to take off your religious masks and stand naked before God. Ugly will liberate you from … Read More …

Buy Luke Acts ImprovLuke-Acts Improv
by Jamie Greene
In a twenty-first century world that is defined by what goes on in cities, Jamie Greene understands that we Christians can win a hearing in the noisy cauldron of today’s urban, postmodern culture. But we must think of our mission in a new way. We who would follow Jesus, he points out, are invited to … Read More …

googling God’s Will
by Winn Griffin
Tired of googling God’s Will in all the wrong places? It’s a habit that consumes more valuable time and often produces tragedy and frustration. Can you really find something, in the case of the will of God, … Read More …

“Just a thought…” -e.: Manna for the Mind
by Ed Cook
This thought-provoking book offers short readings on a wide variety of topics prompted by Dr. Ed Cook’s engagement with culture and the Christian faith. In the age of sound bites and instant gratification, we sometimes forget that elements of our life deserve more consideration than… Read More …

Signs Wonders and the Kingdom of God: A Biblical Guide for the Reluctant Skeptic
by Don Williams
Signs Wonders, and the Kingdom of God is a book for anyone who believes in God’s supernatural power but who doubts that we can experience that power personally. Read More …

This Side of Death: A Novel
by Mike McNichols
Two years after the violent death of their father, Jay and Vickie Ellington discover that they are being stalked by a dark, terrifying presence. After two close acquaintances are murdered, they meet a mysterious young man and a priest who connect present events with a deadly encounter in a pacific coast bunker in the early days of World War II. Read More …

Prisoner of Hope
by Ed Cook
Some forks in the road simply provide a side trip or detour. Others alter the shape and meaning of a person’s life. As Ed Cook writes, “My new life began the day I didn’t kill myself.” Choosing life on April 28, 1976 resulted in Ed’s life moving in an entirely new direction. That day began a fifteen-month journey from addiction to recovery and from … Read More …

Gut-Level Godliness: Authentic Shepherding in a Superficial Age
byJohn S. Oldfield
If you’re just starting out on a shepherding trajectory, Gut-Level Godliness can bring realistic clarity to the demands of your calling. If you’re still in training, it can bring into vital focus the diverse elements of your education. If you’re already in the trenches, it can offer you a vocational check-up and keep you from losing sight of the Chief Shepherd’s priorities for you … Read More …

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