What Is Church?

What Is Church? A Story of Transition
ISBN: 0979907632
Format: Paperback, 200 Pages
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

by Mike Bishop and Foreword by Todd Hunter

Book Summary
What Is Church?What is Church? Shouldn’t we know the answer to that question? Yet there are people all around the world who are wondering if church should be something more than what we have experienced. Perhaps Jesus had something different in mind from our typical answers to the question, “What is church?” There are many books being written about why the church should be different or how it should be changed, but where are the voices who have lived this transition? For the past seven years, Mike Bishop and his friends have been living change among small communities of faith. Their story is not about the next great North American church movement, but rather the simple-and revolutionary-discovery of God’s Kingdom in a changing world.

What Is Church? A Story of Transition
ISBN: 0979907632
200 Pages


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Author Profile

Mike Bishop is a husband, father of three, thinker, trying-to-be-apprentice-of-Jesus, ecclesial trouble-maker, and wanna-be engineer. His wife Amber and family have spent the past seven years in South Florida with a rag-tag community of saints called The Well. Mike’s passion is to see normal people fall in love with Jesus and be able to realize their kingdom-born dreams. His blog, other writings, and contact information can be found at www.whatischurch.com.