Prisoner of Hope

Prisoner of Hope: A Story of Recovery & Redemption
ISBN: 9781935959182
Format: Paperback, 166 Pages
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

by Ed Cook

Book Summary

This side of DeathSome forks in the road simply provide a side trip or detour. Others alter the shape and meaning of a person’s life. As Ed Cook writes, “My new life began the day I didn’t kill myself.” Choosing life on April 28, 1976 resulted in Ed’s life moving in an entirely new direction. That day began a fifteen-month journey from addiction to recovery and from atheism to faith. What could have been an overly sober story is kept enjoyably readable with infusions of wit and wisdom. Hearing another’s story often prompts us to think about our own stories and learn from them. You may find that by reading Prisoner of Hope, you may learn more about yourself than about Ed Cook.

Prisoner of Hope: A Story of Recovery & Redemption
ISBN 9781935959182
Format: Paperback, 166 Pages
Price: $14.99

Author Profile

Ed Cook followed a twenty-year technological career in designing computer business systems with a twenty-five year people career in Christian Ministry as a Church Planter, Pastor, and Theological Educator. His doctoral research and dissertation were on the holistic development of pastors and church planters in the emerging generations. He is now coaching, consulting, teaching, and writing as the principal of Care-Full Coaching.

Ed’s academic focus is practical and pastoral theology. Practical theology is simply the way a person looks at the meaning of life and his or her place and purpose in the grand scheme of things. Pastoral theology is simply a person’s approach to caring about and for others. Based on these definitions, everyone has both a practical and pastoral theology. Ed’s passion is to interact with others to help them develop as purposeful participants in all aspects of life as well as becoming people who care for others. He blogs at You can find him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter at #RevDrEd..