God’s EPIC Adventure

God’s EPIC Adventure
ISBN 0979907608
Format: Paperback, 412 Pages
Dimensions: 11 x 8.2 x 0.8 inches

Foreword by Leonard Sweet “[This] book is an invitation to the party of your life.”

Afterword by Brian McLaren “…a solid and inspiring presentation of the Biblical storyline.”

Book Summary

You sit down to read the text of Scripture. When you look at it on the page, it looks like some kind of a strange technical manual with all those large and small numbers that break up the text. Because Scripture is presented this way, readers have learned to read and memorize those small fragments and that has led to fragmented lives amongst the flock of the followers of Jesus. We have become versified mutts, suffering from what Dr. Winn Griffin calls versitis. What is the antidote to this serious, potentially deadly problem? Learning to Read and Live in God’s Story.

God’s EPIC Adventure provides the reader with a basic background of how we find ourselves in our present position of reading Scripture in such a fragmentized way. In God’s EPIC Adventure, Dr. Griffin uses Bishop Tom Wright’s five-act-play model as a way of presenting Scripture as a full-length Story in order to assist the reader in a better reading experience of Scripture’s text. Thinking and reading Scripture as Story can result in a follower of Jesus learning the art of living in the Story that Scripture presents, rather than applying fragmented parts of it and becoming a theological quilt. Dr. Griffin presents the gluing themes of Covenant in the Old Testament and Kingdom of God in the New Testament as two ways of saying the same thing, namely that God has invaded this present evil age with his rule.

In the Prologue, he helps the reader discover how we ended up in this theological fix of reading Scripture in such a fragmented way. Then, he presents the Story in a chronological storyline from Genesis to Revelation. In the last section of this book, he presents a way of thinking about how we as actors in God’s Story can use our imagination and improvise our part in God’s EPIC Adventure. Dr. Griffin keys God’s EPIC Adventure to the New Bible Dictionary and The Books of The Bible so that the reader can get more information about the text and can read the text without all the human additives that have been placed in the text that hinder its reading. Readers will find ways to use this book that they have never thought of before!

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God’s EPIC Adventure

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Author Profile
Dr. Winn Griffin

Winn has taught in the church and college system for over 40 years. He is the Founder and President of Seeing the Bible Live Ministries, Woodinville, WA. Because of his interest in education, he created two online schools: “The Institute for Biblical Studies” and “Missio Dei Learning Community.” He is the Publisher at Harmon Press.

Winn loves spending time with his family, collecting baseball cards, watching movies, eating banana sandwiches (now with Splenda), traveling, reading mystery stories, and watching sports. He has received Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts and two Doctor of Ministry degrees: the first was in Biblical Studies; the second at George Fox University, Portland, OR, in Leadership in the Emerging Culture. He and his wife Donna Faith, live in Woodinville, WA, and have two adult children, Jason and Jeramie Joy. He has also written googling God’s Will.

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