“Just a thought…” -e.: Manna for the Mind

“Just a thought…” -e.: Manna for the Mind
ISBN: 9781935959113
Format: Paperback, 168 Pages
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

by Ed Cook

Book Summary
The Worship Journey: A Quest of Heart, Mind, and StrengthThis thought-provoking book offers short readings on a wide variety of topics prompted by Dr. Ed Cook’s engagement with culture and the Christian faith. In the age of sound bites and instant gratification, we sometimes forget that elements of our life deserve more consideration than can be expressed in tweets, posts, and Facebook status updates. The chapters are short, the writing is pithy, and the pages will prompt readers to develop and contemplate their own questions regarding this brave new world in which we find ourselves at the start of the twenty-first century. Just as in life, the joy is often in the journey rather than the destination. The richness of this reading experience may often be found in the questions contemplated rather than in answers discovered. So read, enjoy, and think a bit. You may not agree with everything presented but remember, no offense is intended because, after all, what’s offered is just a thought.

I’ve given this book 5 Stars which means “I loved it”. The reason I loved it is because with care and gentle thoughtfulness Ed Cook invites the reader to enter into meaningful thought and perhaps even meaningful conversation concerning ideas and notions that have or will affect us all as Christians and moral beings. I use the word ‘conversation’ because as it jump starts critical thought in the individual reader it begs to be used as an excellent source in small groups or circles of friends.

All too often we find ourselves willing to ask big questions, but all too unwilling to accept more than one answer or perspective as having any real or lasting value. In “Just a Thought..”, as in the best and most productive of conversations, our hearts are moved and our minds stimulated to investigate some very basic ideas and some quite complicated concepts without the need to be either rocket scientists or theologians.

This book will remind some of us that we indeed do have wings and it will help all of us spread our wings. Eagles soar, not because they see all they need from a single tree or viewpoint, but because they see so much more when they leave the familiar and look beyond. In the end, I can only say, “Try it, you’ll like it…”
Robert Schaal
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“Just a thought…” -e.: Manna for the Mind
ISBN: 9781935959113
168 Pages


Author Profile
Ed Cook, D.Min. followed a twenty-year technical career in Information Systems with a twenty-five-year people career in Christian Ministry as Church Planter, Pastor, and Theological Educator. His doctoral research and dissertation were on the topic of the holistic development of pastors and church planters in the emerging generations. He is now coaching, consulting, training, and writing as the principal of Care-Full Coaching.