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  • Using Your Kindle Book To Gain Market Reach

    Using your Kindle eBook to gain market reach is important to marketing. Here are some thoughts from author Kathleen Gage. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Looking for a new way to get in front of potential book buyers? Try your hand at publishing a Kindle book. It’s one of the easiest ways to get your material published…fast! I couldn’t […]

  • 12 Books Seth Godin Thinks You Should Read

    Seth Godin is an American entrepreneur, author, and public speaker. Godin popularized the topic of permission marketing. Known for his innovative concepts, he is the author of almost a dozen and a half books, his latest being: Poke the Box. But, he is also a reader and the following list includes 11 additional books he […]

  • Publishing a Book to Attract New Customers

    Lots of professionals have not yet considered publishing a book to “to Burnish Credentials and Attract New Customers.” They are experts in their fields but often think of writing a books as something one does an occupation or hopefully an occupation. But, that’s not necessarily true. May professionals are writing to bring new business in […]

  • Is Print on Demand (POD) Right For You?

    Print on Demand (POD) is a good way of getting into print quickly and often inexpensively. Here are some things to think about: Writing you manuscript and then writing endless proposals with only a small percentage of a chance of getting picked up by a traditional publisher. Rejection is tough. If you book is really […]

  • Off-Line Marketing To Sell Your Book

    You will want to get as much exposure off line as well. We have already talked about groups that you can join and getting your books in bookstores to do book signings. Book signings are the best way for your to get exposure with your book. You can do them in any local bookstore. They […]

  • Online Marketing To Sell Your Book

    One of the best ways to sell your book is online. Your first venue will usually be the self publishing company that prints your book. They not only print books but also sell books that are written by their authors. You can depend on many sales from a self published book from the website. Be […]

  • Your Book Is Printed—Now What?

    After you have your book published and ready for sale, what do you do? You do the same thing that you would do if your book was published by a traditional publishing company – promote it! There are many ways that you can promote your book both online and off. One thing that you will […]

  • Editing For Your Self Published Book

    Editing your book is different than proofreading. You need to pay attention to style as well as grammar when you are copy editing. It pays to have good grammatical skills and have a certain style that you use for your book when you are considering your own editing. Most of the self publishing sites offer […]

  • Printing Your Own Book

    In fairness, you can also print your book yourself. You can do this at a number of different places, although you have to typeset your book as well as prepare it for the printing press. This can be laborious and frustrating if you don’t have the skill set available to do an excellent job. Online […]

  • Finding A Self Publisher Online

    It is fair to say that you are reading this information on a print-on-demand (POD) publishing site that helps authors get self published. Years ago, if someone wanted to get a book self published, they had to pay thousands of dollars. A press would publish the book for the individual and give them a certain […]