Espresso for Books

You walk into your favorite bookstore to look for a book that a friend has shared with you commenting that you should read it. You ask for help when you can’t find it on your own. The bookseller looks it up for you and tells you that they don’t have a copy on the shelf but he would be happy to print you out a copy right there on the spot. You looked puzzled?

Bookstores only have a certain amount of bookshelf space to share their product with the public. But, that is changing with the arrival of Espresso 2.0, an instore bookmaking machine which can automatically print, bind, and trim on demand at point of sale, perfect bound library quality paperback books with 4-color cover indistinguishable from their factory made versions.

This will help folks who are published by smaller presses get their books into the hands of anyone. They are not everywhere, but they are probably coming to a bookstore near you.

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