Four Helpful Hints for Aspiring Authors

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…,” so says Charles Dickens in the first line of A Tale of Two Cities. When you look around as an aspiring author, when things look bleak, that is usually the best time for you to invest in yourself and find a way to have your works published. It’s time to push your publishing project to the top of the list, finish that manuscript, and get it published. Harmon Press is perfectly suited to help you reach your publishing goal.

Here are four helpful hints for you to consider.

Potential Income Creation. Go out to purchase almost anything that is consumable and the end result is that you take your hard earned money out of your bank account instead of putting some funds back into your bank account. Wanna spend or invest? What part of your income will it take to get your manuscript into print? If you spend money on getting your book published, that is an investment for you. At Harmon Press, we have made it easy to get published with only two upfront costs, buying 50 books at 50% off the Suggested Retail Price (SRP), which is set by Harmon Press according to the final page count of your book, and having your book proofread because you don’t want to look bad in print. It is always the right economic climate to invest in yourself.

New Opportunities Come With Change. If your book project helps the reader, then why not make the investment to do so. Books are written for many different reasons. But, if your book can help your readers find harmony for their lives, even for a brief moment, or reduce their stress level and provide them with a future hope, then set up to the plate and get it published. You probably know stuff that some tribe somewhere needs and wants to know. So provide it for them.

If It’s Too Good To Be True, It Probably Isn’t! This old adage is a handy tool to remember as you wonder through the pages of publisher sites who are proposing multiple packages for their wares. So be on guard as you survey the publishing world to get yourself into print.

Create Space to Write. Lots of folks dream of going off to a writing retreat where they can clear their mind of the mundane and feel free to create their own masterpiece. That can be a costly experience, and while it could be fun, it might not produce the results that you had hoped for. So, what to do? Find a suitable place in your home and turn that into your special “space to write.” Make it fit your personality. I once read a small sign and it now hangs on the door to may office, it says, “A clean desk is the sign of a sick mind.” Well that fits me, but it might not fit you. So, make your writing space fit what allows you to be most creative. Then sit down, or stand up, and write.

Remember, the right time to publish is now, not later.


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