How to Get Started Publishing Your Book Today

I know, I know, you’re thinking what’s this going to cost me? Our publishing fee is $799.00 plus the first year’s electronic filing fee of $19.95. Some of the competition out there charges upwards to $2,500 dollars for their setup fee, and the result is that you get maybe ten books for what you have paid to them. Living in the Seattle area, we love when the sky is blue, but we don’t like to pay for “blue sky” when we make a purchase. So, we have trimmed the Whole Kit and Kaboodle down to a strong partnership with you as an author. For the small fee of $799.00 and the purchase of 50 books at 50 percent off SRP (plus shipping and handling), you can be up and running toward your goal of having your book published. Of course, in the final analysis, you will be marketing your own book when it is published because you are the best sales person for it. We will point you toward a resource that can help you get up and running in this area.

Here’s what to do. Contact us using the easy email form below and attach your complete manuscript for our review. You have waited long enough! Go ahead, make the contact by filling out the form below and make your day. The manuscript must be a DOC or a DOCX file, i.e, Word 2003 or Word 2007. Finally, go here and download a small PDF which is titled: 10 Publishing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!

Send Your Manuscript

Fill out the form below, attach your manuscript by pressing the Browse button and selecting you manuscript document (doc or docx), and finally press the Submit button. We will notify you of your document’s receipt and evaluate it and get back to you.

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