What We Publish

Harmon Press publishes a wide range of books including Christian, Entrepreneurial Business, Technology, Fiction, Health, and various Niches. It has been estimated that over eighty percent (80%) of folks have at least one book in them that should be published. The following are some parameters for the above categories.

Being Healthy Publishing. Health books can be touchy because there is so much stuff out there in traditional Western health and Eastern health. These books inform only. They are not meant for diagnosis.

Christian Books Publishing / Harmon Press. We will print books by authors that do not fit into the following three imprints that deal with theological subjects within Christianity. We allow latitude of theological viewpoints believing that we need to be exposed to theological material of different kinds to have adequate information about what we truly believe and follow. Included in this area would be: Biblical Studies, Biography, Christian Living, Cookbooks, Devotional, Education, Family, Fantasy, Historical, Humor, Inspirational, Poetry, and other books that may not fit exactly in one of these categories.

In the Christian Books field we also have several different Imprints that can help an author get recognized within a specific theological field. They are:

  • Pneuma Publishing. Books published that hold a breath of differences within the Pentecostal, Charismatic, and Third-Wave perspectives.
  • Basileia Publishing. Books published under this imprint will discuss the theology of the Kingdom of God.
  • Missio Dei Publishing. Books published within this imprint will be written about the Emerging Church and Culture, and books on Missional Church.

Entrepreneurial Business Publishing. This Imprint will publish books that deal with all phases of entrepreneurial business that are well thought through with a healthy harmony between the needs of the business and those that work for the business and hold an honorable business ethic. If you have an entrepreneurial enterprise an you want to write about it this is the place to land.

Niche in Time Publishing. There are hundreds of niches that folks have knowledge in that the public would pay to read. We will print under this rubric books titled: So You Wanna Know About ….

Technological Literacy Publishing. Technology is all around us and there are lots of folks out there that have written books that can make our lives a bit easier using technology.

World of Fiction Publishing. This is one of the most difficult genres to write and sell. But authors like John Grisham started as a self-published author selling books out of the trunk of his car.

Sunrise Reprints. This imprint gives new life to words that have gone out-of-print. It permits authors to allow their words live on by being back in print.

What We Don’t Publish

While it is not our position or intent to exclude books from being published, HarmonPress will not publish any book whose author is a proponent of: anything that is illegal, pornographic, occultic, the so-called prosperity doctrine, New Age, dispensational eschatology, propositional prooftexting, or books poorly written. We reserve the right to refuse to print books that we deem do not fit into our publishing philosophy. If an author submission is declined by Harmon Press, we will offer a short list of other publishers which may publish your book.

All Books printed by Harmon Press will carry the following notation on the Copyright page.

All rights reserved solely by the author. The author guarantees all contents are original and do not infringe upon the legal rights of any other person or work. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without the permission of the author. The views expressed in this book do not necessarily represent those of Harmon Press or one of its Imprints.