Off-Line Marketing To Sell Your Book

Self PublishingYou will want to get as much exposure off line as well. We have already talked about groups that you can join and getting your books in bookstores to do book signings.

Book signings are the best way for your to get exposure with your book. You can do them in any local bookstore. They will be glad to have you. You can bring your books to the bookstore to sell them.

Most larger bookstores, such as Barnes & Noble and Borders will want you to go through the main office in order to have your book stocked on their shelves. These stores will want to see a copy of your book before they place an order. This can be time consuming for you, but is well worth a try.

You are better off, however, to approach the manager of the bookstore and offer them the books on a consignment basis. They will let you do a book signing and you can bring your own books, but will have to give a commission to the store.

You can use a book distributor to distribute your book to local bookstores to get them on the shelves. This may be easier than going through the corporate route. You will have to buy the books from the publishing company in order to get them to the distributor.

The distributor will then work to get the books to the major bookstores. Again, this is a tough sell. Best sellers from major presses have more shelf space in bookstores as well as prominent shelf spaces. Just like in the supermarket, the biggest distributors have the most attractive shelf space. If you think that you will see your book on the center shelf at the major bookstore, think again. If they take your book, it will be in the shelves. This is why you need to promote the book with book signings. You should still do what you need to do to get the book at the bookstore.

There are still plenty of local, independent bookstores available. They are much more receptive to local authors and will eagerly take your book on a consignment basis. They will be glad to have you go in there and do a book signing. Take a look at independent bookstores in your area.

Make sure that you join an off line group of self publishers and take advantage of book fairs that are made for self publishing authors. You can also make up bookmarks for your book so that they can be handed out at these fair. The bookmarks should have information about the book as well as where readers can find it.

You have to do some legwork to get your book out there to the public. You need to be sure to do as much as you can to get the book information out there. The more you continue to promote your book, the more interest it will generate.

When you go though the time and work of putting all of your creative talent into a book, you want to do what you can to make sure that the book is read. Most writers who are good writers are not as much interested in the money for the book than they are in the book being read by others.

Having your book read and enjoyed by other people is the most gratifying thing a writer can experience. Working hard to complete and print your book and then having others enjoy your writing is one of the best things a writer can experience.

If you have been considering writing a book but are not sure if you can get a publisher, you should consider self publishing your book. Instead of trying to get an agent and a publisher to look at your book and then only give you a small percentage of the profit, you can easily self publish your own book and have others read it.

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