Online Marketing To Sell Your Book

Self PublishingOne of the best ways to sell your book is online. Your first venue will usually be the self publishing company that prints your book. They not only print books but also sell books that are written by their authors. You can depend on many sales from a self published book from the website.

Be sure to tell family and friends that you have published a book and encourage them to buy it online rather than from you. Most websites rate books on the sales, so you want to make sure that any sales go through the website.

Most of the online print on order sites will list the books on Amazon. Amazon is the biggest seller of books in the world. Getting your book listed on Amazon is the same as having it on a shelf in a bookstore. But remember that if no one knows that you have a book out, they will not find it unless they stumble upon it.

Use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to get the word out about your book. You can also place links to the book page on various forums. You do want to get a website so that you can spread the word about the book. Developing your own website and getting a host is neither difficult or expensive. You can have a website and host for your book very inexpensively.

You cannot afford to ignore the power of online marketing when it comes to selling your book. The fact is that today that many books are sold online, in fact the vast majority of people sell their books online. You want to be sure that you do your best to market the book as much as possible on the internet.

Digg is another site where you can put comments and information about your book. Digg usually takes articles that can be “dugg” by others. You should have all of your family and friends digg the article up so that others can see it. The more exposure you get online, the better off you are.

Another site that you can use is Propeller. This is the Yahoo site that is similar to Digg. Anyone with a Yahoo account can buzz an article up. If you get enough buzzes to your article, it may appear on the Yahoo home page. You can write an article using a pen name about a local writer who has written a book and place it on these sites so that others will boost it up in the engine. This is one way to get recognition for your book online.

You need to have as much exposure for your book as possible for your online book. Make sure that your book features on Amazon as well as the site where it is printed. Also be sure that you have a website that tells a little bit about the book and gives readers an incentive to buy the book. You cannot get overexposed when you are online and trying to promote your book.

You will find that you get more sales from online sales than you will from book store sales. While it is important to get as much exposure as possible for your book, you need to concentrate heavily on online sales. Get as much online exposure as you can for your book so that you can make sales.

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