Sell Your Book With Low Or No Cost Book Marketing At Events

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To sell your book using no cost book marketing is a dream of virtually every business, the thought that they could actually sell hundreds of copies of their newest non-fiction paperback seems to many like an impossible task. I know I have been their myself, as almost every new writer is, however I will reveal exactly how to generate huge book sales for little or no cost.

However all you need is little more than to create a plan that you can use to produce action from an audience, that is to say that you need to have a few pieces of information and then some simple psychology to produce huge income in one day. The strategy I am discussing with you today is to sell books at events. Start by being considered a partner by an events promoters and let them promote you for low or no cost and you will be able to gain highly valuable credibility as well as sales by having your name next the event leaders and most of the time even on all of their marketing materials.

Here’s how;

  1. Gathering – Find a large group of people such as a networking event, a business meeting or even a fund raising competition.
  2. Connection – Find a connection to these groups, with your story or experience or even your goals.
  3. Interest – Brain storm some ideas about how you can attract attention during the event.
  4. Systems – Ensure you have your systems in place to sell hundreds of books during this event.

Here are some notes;

*There are literally tens of thousands of events every single week practically every single day, many are even held on Sundays.
*You need to be considered a peer within the industry to gain credibility with event promoters.
*The number one strategy to save you money is to offer to help the event promoters do their job (more on this later).

Now let’s look at the details;

Here are some ideas that you could use to sell your book with low or no cost marketing;

  • Go to their website and determine if they have the events agenda posted if they do then you could offer to spend little more than 15 minutes and you do not need to spend a dime to create a QRC or Quick Response Code for the events agenda. That way they could put the code on their marketing materials so that the event visitors could easily use a smart phone to download the agenda to their phone.
  • Offer to interview the event leaders as a pre-event bonus for those who register early.
  • Go to last years events handout and find exhibitors who have paid for a booth to showcase their products and ask them for coupons or samples or even special discounts for this event. Then compile them into a special download or booklet for the event to offer as a bonus for early registers.

While the ideas above may seem new or a bit out of your comfort level you could easily outsource this task to a virtual assistant, and all you will ask in return from the promoters will be to be able to get credit on all their marketing materials. That will give you exposure to tens of thousands of the participants and you can sell your book with low or no cost book marketing at events.

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