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  • John Kremer: Tips from the Book Marketing Guru

    Where in the world can you find most all the information that you need for marketing your book successfully? The answer is both where and who. The who is John Kremer and the where is 1001 Ways to Market Your Book. In his book, you will find hundreds of applicable tips to help you move […]

  • What Should You Write About?

    If you are lucky enough to have found a subject you feel passionately about and have already managed to write a book about it, your job is almost done. However, not all of us are that lucky. While we may enjoy writing once in awhile, posting occasionally on blogs or online forums, writing for a […]

  • Print on Demand Publishing a Better Option

    Consider Print on Demand and a valuable alternative to becoming your own publisher. Ask any author—even the most successful one, and he or she will tell you that the process of getting a book accepted by any mainstream traditional publishing house is a slow, frustrating process. Very often you wait with great anticipation for a […]

  • What is Print on Demand Publishing?

    So you wanna know about Print on Demand publishing. Keep reading! If you are an author, you know how difficult it is to convince a traditional publisher to invest money in your book towards editing and designing, printing, publicity and eventually, selling the book. It may take years before any traditional publishing house agrees to […]

  • Why You Should Consider Print on Demand Publishing

    Bev wrote a book, should she self publish using Print on Demand? Read on! Bev had worked as an executive assistant at a local software company for the last 15 years. Both her children had received scholarships to good colleges, and Bev knew that she could now take a break from work. However, she did […]

  • Espresso for Books

    You walk into your favorite bookstore to look for a book that a friend has shared with you commenting that you should read it. You ask for help when you can’t find it on your own. The bookseller looks it up for you and tells you that they don’t have a copy on the shelf […]