Your Book Is Printed—Now What?

Self PublishingAfter you have your book published and ready for sale, what do you do? You do the same thing that you would do if your book was published by a traditional publishing company – promote it!

There are many ways that you can promote your book both online and off. One thing that you will want to do is to promote your book by getting some positive reviews on Amazon. If you have your book listed on Amazon, and you will if you publish with Harmon Press, you can get reviews for the book from a book reviewing service. You can send them a disk with the book on it in PDF format and have people read it and give it a good review. The more reviews it gets, the more it will rise in Amazon.

You should have a website as a teaser for your book. When you have a website, you can sell books directly from the site or you can send the buyers to Amazon. You can become an affiliate of Amazon and get paid a commission on all of your sales. You can also have a post office box where people can order you book by mail. In addition, you can also direct them to the self publishing company where they can find the book. You can then market your website using strategies that are used to market any website.

You can place book reviews on the book to various book review websites online. There are many sites where you can place book reviews of your book. You can also put a link to the book website on these sites.

If you book is non-fiction, you want to write articles and place them in article hubs on the Internet. Article hubs will allow you to place free articles online. Do a Google keyword analytic to see which are the right keywords for your book. You can write articles with these keywords and place them on the different sites with a backlink to your site.

In addition to promoting your book online, through the use of the website and book reviews, you can also join writing groups that are for self published writers. There are many sites that are made for self published writers that you can take advantage of and promote your book. You should also look into local libraries that often have groups for self published authors. There are often book fairs for self published authors as well.

You can send your book to different newspapers and local magazines that review books. Bear in mind that papers like the New York Times and magazines like the New Yorker have many books that people want them to review. You have a better chance of getting your book reviewed by magazines that are genre related to the book that you have written.

Small, independent bookstores will feature your book, especially if they are local bookstores. You should take your book in there, buying up several copies of the book for selling and then have a book signing. Most bookstores are more than happy to have local authors visit and sign books. This can be advertised through flyers and in the bookstore itself. As the bookstore gets a commission for each book that you sell, they are more than happy to have local authors come in and sign books. This brings business to the store as well as gets you recognition.

If you have a small local newspaper, you can use them for publicity for your book. Small, hometown newspapers are an ideal way to spread the word about your book.

Take a look at your local parks department to see if they have anything for self published authors. Many parks departments are having book signings for those who self publish.

You can also take your book to gift shops that will sell it on consignment. This is an ideal way to sell cookbooks that are self published. Be sure to match the type of marketing that you do to get the word about your book out there to the venue. Leave no stone unturned when you are marketing your book.

If you run out of ideas, purchase a copy of John Kremer’s book 1001 Ways to Market Your Book. It just jammed with ideas of how to market your book.

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