Luke-Acts Improv: Biblical Narratives That Get You into the Act

Luke-Acts Improv: Biblical Narratives That Get You into the Act
ISBN: 9780979907623
Format: Paperback, 254 Pages
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

by Jamie Greene and Foreword by Bill Woodward

Book Summary
The Worship Journey: A Quest of Heart, Mind, and StrengthIn a twenty-first century world that is defined by what goes on in cities, Jamie Greene understands that we Christians can win a hearing in the noisy cauldron of today’s urban, postmodern culture. But we must think of our mission in a new way. We who would follow Jesus, he points out, are invited to step into a grand drama. To join with the apostles, who were taught by Jesus and then unleashed at Pentecost in this play-of-the-ages. As it continues its run, the performances — our performances, suggests Jamie — are more improvised than scripted. A Luke-Acts improv, in other words! This is a gripping and galvanizing insight. The God of grace is the director, and our improv both builds toward God’s grand climax and recruits more into the company on stage? Wow!

—From the Foreword by Dr. Bill Woodward

A must read and an incredible resource for all who want to equip this generation of Christian to love the world around them.

—Dr. Ron Ruthruff, Author, Adjunct Professor, Bakke Graduate University
Seattle, WA

Leaders who know they need to transition the church into a community that expresses the gospel transformationally in a postmodern world will want to read this book.

—Morris Dirks, C&MA, Alliance Northwest; and Director of Soul Formation
Portland, OR

A thought-provoking, compelling book! It is cutting-edge, Biblically rooted, and thoroughly missional. It speaks directly to the hunger of Christians who are grappling with how to navigate through the present day realities of a Post-Christian, Post-modern culture.

—Rev. Dianna Kunce, MDiv, M.S.W. (Presbyterian)
Co-Executive Director, Renewal Ministries Northwest
Mukilteo, WA

An essential book for all those who are trying to live out the Gospel meaningfully in a post-Christian, urban culture! This book offers a broad and perceptive analysis and shows pragmatic ways evangelical Christians can bring palpable hope even to places where there may be intransigent resistance to the Gospel.

—Haein Park, Assistant Professor of English, Biola University
La Mirada, CA

This book is a great discussion of the strategic connection between living compassionately in the narrative of the gospel and sharing it with skeptical post-moderns.

—Dr. Andre Snodgrass, Lead Pastor, North Seattle Alliance Church (C&MA)
Seattle, WA

Imagination and improvisations of God’s Story is a must in a postmodern world…

—Dr. Winn Griffin, Adjunct Professor, Bakke Graduate University;
Publisher, Harmon Press (Vineyard)
Woodinville, WA

Luke-Acts Improv: Biblical Narratives That Get You into the Act
ISBN: 9780979907623
252 Pages


Author Profile
Jamie Greene earns his livelihood in corrugated packaging sales. He and his wife, Lynn have found great joy in urban townhouse living in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, WA, building relationships and community with “the best neighbors ever.” They attend North Seattle Alliance Church. He is an ordained minister and holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from Bakke Graduate University in Seattle, WA. He has also earned official certification through the Institute of Packaging Professionals, Naperville, IL.