How You Make Money

How you make money selling books: There are three ways that you make money for the sale of your book.

First, all books that are sold through retailers or wholesalers, i.e., bookstores, distributors, libraries, etc., you receive what is left after the discount to the retailer or wholesaler and the cost of printing your book. Let’s say a bookstore pays us $8.50 for your book, then you get the entire $8.50 minus the cost to print the book.

Second, for all the books that we sell at full retail from our online bookstore directly to customers, you get 80% of what is left over after the printing of the book. Let’s say an individual pays us $14.99 for your book, you would receive 80% of $14.99 minus the cost to print your book. If you want to choose to sell your book at a 25% discount from our bookstore, you can choose that as an option. In that case, if we sold your book at the discount price of $11.25, you would receive 80% of the $11.25 ($14.99 minus the 25% discount price) minus the cost to print your book.

Third, We want to help you get your books out to folks that need to read it. So we help you along by offering you a very fair discount rate for the book you purchase. We can take your order for any amount of copies and drop-ship the copies anywhere in USAmerica. We do not pay a royalty rate on books that you purchase directly. When you buy your books at a discount rate from HarmonPress plus the shipping cost, you keep the remaining money after you personally sell a book. Read about Author Discounts here.

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