Interior Pages (Formatting and Typesetting)

We take those creative words that you have sweated over creating and professionally design the interior pages, of your book, i.e., formatting and typesetting. You provide us with a Word document of your book. Your book will have that professional look and feel, just like the books you have purchased from your local bookstore. When this process is complete, you will receive a galley so you can check for any last minute mistakes that you find. We include your graphics,* any illustrations you provide, and photographs (graphics / pictures are black and white / grayscale in .jpg; .gif; .bmp format). When you approve your galley, we will ship it off to the printer.

Because footnotes/endnotes is time intensive in typesetting, there is an additional $1.00 typesetting fee per footnote for all footnotes. If the author should choose end of chapter or end of book endnotes, there is an additional $1.00 fee per footnote. Harmon Press will supply authors a style sheet to follow for footnoting. Additionally, a full bibliography must accompany a manuscript that is footnoted. If Harmon Press creates the footnotes for the author’s manuscript there is an additional $2.00 fee per created footnote. If footnotes are not styled properly by the author, the created fee is charged. The creation of footnote fee is in addition to the typesetting fee(s).

*There is a $10.00 charge per graphic placed in the text while typesetting.

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