So You Wanna Publish Fiction

Learning from the pros is one of the better ways to discover the tips and tricks that you may be overlooking in your fiction writing. So, where can you learn from the pro? Great question, glad you asked. Here’s at least one place you can learn. It’s a web site called The Author Hour: The Guide to Fantastic Fiction. The host of this weekly net radio program is Matthew Peterson, an award-winning author. He is in the process of interviewing over fifty top fiction authors and you can listen to the interviews for free via the net every Thursday at noon Eastern on

Here’s a sneak preview.


Here are a couple of ideas that might be helpful to you.

First, think about setting up your own interview radio show. If Matthew can do it, so can you. Second, after you have published, suggest yourself as a guest on Matthew’s net radio show. You can do so by submitting a proposal on the site.

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