Why You Should Consider Print on Demand Publishing

Bev wrote a book, should she self publish using Print on Demand? Read on!

Bev had worked as an executive assistant at a local software company for the last 15 years. Both her children had received scholarships to good colleges, and Bev knew that she could now take a break from work. However, she did not want to take a complete break and thought it would be a good idea to work from home as a Virtual Assistant. Bev was very successful in getting clients who knew her from their previous interactions with her, but soon found that working from home was not as easy and smooth going as she had thought. Gradually, Bev worked out methods and techniques to get work done at home without distractions and without missing deadlines. She was so successful that she slowly expanded her business and hired people to work as Virtual Assistants. Her success made many of Bev’s friends and family members suggest to her that she should write down her experiences as a How To guide for those who wanted to start their own Virtual Assistant business.

Bev thought that was a great idea and since she had kept a journal through all those days of setting up the business, she could easily write about the challenges she had faced and mention with pride the solutions she had found. Very soon, she had her book ready. She titled it: Finding Success in the Virtual World: Guide To Becoming a Virtual Assistant. She sent it to a great many publishers and was not surprised when she received rejection letters from all of them! Bev did not lose heart. She kept trying to sell her book to various publishers, but the rejection letters kept coming in. Finally, some of her friends suggested that she try the option of Print on Demand publishing.

Initially, Bev thought that they were merely pulling her leg. However, when her friends explained to her how she could find a publishing company, just like Harmon Press, and write and publish not just this one book but also many more, Bev was intrigued. She knew that it would not be easy but then that had never stopped her before. Slowly, she became excited at the thought of publishing her book and decided to take it up in full earnest.

If like Bev, you think you have written a bestseller but are disappointed at the lack of interest shown by various traditional publishing houses or if you think you have a talent for writing and fear of rejection is stopping you from writing, Print on Demand publishing could be the ideal avenue for you.

Harmon Press is a full service print on demand publisher, created for people just like Bev, and possibly you.

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